Ford Cars With The Best Gas Mileage

Jun 19, 2018 - 1 minute read

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Ford offers a multitude of fuel-saving vehicles including hybrid and all-electric models. Pollution from internal combustion engines is a major problem worldwide, and the burning of fossil fuels emits a staggeringly high mass of carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere. To combat these problems, Ford vehicles have been designed to leave the smallest possible contaminant and CO2 footprint.

By purchasing an environmentally-friendly Ford vehicle, the owner of said vehicle helps keep our planet green by:

  • Reducing carbon monoxide emissions

  • Limiting the amount of CO2 that lingers in the atmosphere for centuries

  • Helping reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum

  • Keeping the air cleaner and reducing environmentally-caused damage to people and other creatures

Below, the top Ford models in terms of fuel savings are detailed. This will give prospective buyers something to consider when purchasing a gas-powered, hybrid, or all-electric vehicle.

Ford Focus Electric

The 2018 Focus electric model with automatic transmission uses an advanced electric engine and high-quality battery to deliver the equivalent of 107 miles per gallon highway mileage when compared to internal combustion engines. Standard features on the Focus electric model include:

  • Keyless entry

  • Xenon headlights

  • Leather-trimmed seating

  • A power-adjustable driver’s seat

  • An 8-inch entertainment screen

Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid

This vehicle combines a four-cylinder, 2.0L engine with an electric motor. Owners can expect around 97 miles per gallon on the highway when travel combines use of the gas engine and electric motor. Even without use of the electric motor, the Fusion Hybrid gets about 42 mpg on the highway. Standard features on the base trim include:

  • Automatic headlights

  • LED tail lights

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control

  • A nine-speaker sound system

  • Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app integration

Ford Focus Front-Wheel Drive

This model can be purchased with the three-cylinder engine. Horsepower output is minimal, but the real-world fuel efficiency is impressive. On the highway, the Focus model with the three-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive promises around 40 mpg. Standard features on the SE trim include:

  • Cruise control

  • Power rear windows

  • A six-speaker sound system

  • BluetoothV

  • oice controls

  • A rearview camera

Test drive the fuel-efficient Ford models today at JC Lewis Ford in Statesboro. Choose the model that best fits your needs!

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