Ford vs Dodge: Which Brand Is Better?

Apr 19, 2018 - 2 minute read

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If you are looking for the right brand, how can you decide? Here’s a comparison of the modern Ford and Dodge brands and why Ford proves to be the superior of the two.


Dodge has cut back on how many cars it makes. Today the Charger is its only sedan. Ford has hatchbacks in three sizes and sedans in three sizes. It also has hybrid varieties, including electric vehicles.

Comparing the Fusion midsize sedan to the Charger full-size sedan, they are nearly the same size, the Fusion has more rear headroom, and it starts out thousands less. Comparing the Charger to the full-size Taurus, you still see a savings with the Ford, and you get a much bigger, better appointed cabin.


Dodge has only two SUVs and one van in its lineup whereas Ford has seven SUVs and vans. Comparing the Journey to the Escape, you’ll find that the Journey is way behind in quality. It comes from a generation that began in 2009 and hasn’t changed significantly since. Its third row is so small that it’s only good for kids, and the feature reduces the cargo hold to a mere 8 cu.ft.

The Durango may be priced like the Explorer, but the Dodge base edition doesn’t have a third row. Furthermore, families should note that Ford crash avoidance features are more affordable and more accessible while Dodge reserves these features as options on more expensive trim levels.


Dodge has ceded truck-making to another company within its manufacturing family. That’s why the old Dodge Rams are now simply Rams. If you are comparing the Ram 1500 to the Ford 1500 this year, you’ll find that Ford offers a full suite of crash avoidance features that the 2018 Ram doesn’t offer at all.

Trailering aids include many Ford exclusives you can’t find on the Ram. Furthermore, the 2018 F-150 has more class-leading tow ratings and payload ratings than its Ram rival. Demonstrating its capability, the F-150 earned 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year.

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