How Ford SYNC Works

Jul 11, 2015 - 1 minute read

the interior of a car with a steering wheel, dashboard, and touch screen display on the dash of the vehicle

Ford’s Sync system was developed to help drivers communicate with the vehicle’s communications systems via voice commands. Most new Ford vehicles are now equipped with either the standard Sync or the advanced Sync 3 systems. These are valuable tools that can help drivers keep their attention on the road thanks to hands-free use, and they are also invaluable emergency service tools.

Sync Functions

The system is based on natural language, so compatibility is important. In the United States, the system is based on the English language. Several key functions include:

  • Transfer of information between phone and the on-board phone book

  • Voice command to access the music library

  • Instant display of weather, traffic, and destination routes

In addition, the Sync system can be used to monitor vehicle health and get free performance reports. AppLink allows for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone app integration. Another cool feature is 911 Assist, a program that automatically contacts emergency services when a serious accident involves the deployment of an airbag occurs.

Setting Up Sync Controls

The main menu is well-organized and offers a step-by-step instruction for programming preferences and activating certain command functions. Sync and Sync 3 systems are set up by:

  • Choosing a specific program to synchronize

  • Following prompts to transfer info from a wireless device to the on-board infotainment system

  • Setting language preferences for voice commands

Once programmed, the system works even when the driver and phone are not in the vehicle. The advanced Sync 3 system can be programmed to operate the ignition from a remote location. Updates are automatically announced just as they are on a computer, and this makes it easy for the driver to get the latest turn-by-turn navigation and traffic reports.

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