Overlanding in the 2021 Bronco

Jul 27, 2020 - 3 minute read

a truck is driving through a mud puddle in the mud on a dirt road with trees in the background

J.C. Lewis sat down with an Overlanding Enthusiast and learned a lot about the “sport” and learned even more about how the new 2021 Bronco meets and exceeds every expectation for the overlander. Today’s blog is part one of a two-part series.

Ford has created 7 different 2021 Bronco models and 4 different trim packages as well as a number of other customizable options you can choose from based on how you are going to use the vehicle. This leads to over 100 different options for the type of Bronco you choose. Today we begin the conversation with our expert overlander to distill the extensive options for the outdoor-adventure seekers, specifically those into or wanting to start overlanding.

"What is overlanding,” you might ask. Overlanding describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. Overlanding is typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping; often lasting for extended lengths of time. While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose.

Overlanding is about exploration, rather than conquering obstacles. While the roads and trails we travel might be rough or technically challenging, they are the means to an end, not the goal itself. The goal is to see and learn about our world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent.

The vehicle and equipment can be simple or extravagant - they, too, are simply means to an end. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency - these are the rewards of overlanding.” – Overland Journal.

When you hear about overlanding around the southeast it includes highway miles for long distances so we’re not necessarily hyper-focused on trail and rock crawling capabilities, but we do need to prepare for technical trails like you can find on the Georgia Traverse.

This means we’ll need to armor up and have the proper tools for the job, so at a minimum our build needs to include steel bumpers, skid plates & sliders as well as a rear locking differential. With these in mind, our Overlanding Enthusiast names the best overland build for a 2021 Bronco — the Badlands Model, with the Sasquatch package.

The 2021 Bronco Badlands Model includes a front-stabilizer bar disconnect that disengages at low speed and even under load. This allows for better suspension travel and articulation for the front and keeps the tire on the ground.

It also includes front and rear differential locks (one of only 5 vehicles available in the US with this feature from the factory), trail turn assist for tighter turning on the trail, trail control off-road cruise control, HOSS (high-performace Off-road Stability Suspension) system, rock rails, steel (winch ready) bumpers, the dana 44s, the marine grade interior, aux switches installed from the factory and 7 GOAT modes.

Paired with the 2.7L V6, the 10 speed auto transmission and the highway driving features like adaptive cruise and lane keep assist, this is a from the factory overland-ready rig for the southeast.  

We will dive into a trail/rock-crawler build in Best Bronco for Overlanding Part 2.

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