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Custom Order Your Next Ford

Don't settle - get exactly what you want

Why should I custom order my next vehicle?

Are you searching for your next Ford, only to experience a hard time finding the exact trim, color or options? In today's market, picking from available vehicles on a dealer lot is no longer the best option for car shoppers. The decrease in available inventory means that the best way to get the vehicle you're searching for is to custom order. By doing this, you avoid settling - you get all the options you desire without paying for those you don't need. More importantly, you don't end up paying the dealer mark-ups being adding by some other dealers to available inventory.

Key Benefits of Custom Ordering

There are many benefits to custom ordering your next vehicle


With our volume and multiple locations, we receive a large allocation from the factory. This means we have the ability to process a large number of orders and get your vehicle built.

Local Price Protection

While many dealers are adding huge addendums and taking advantage of the short supply of available inventory, we're protecting our local customers by selling all non-specialty vehicles at MSRP.


Based on supply availability, we have orders arrive to our dealership in as little as 8-10 weeks from the order date.

Ford Order Bank availability

Here's what you need to know about Order Banks

Orders for high-demand Ford models are limited and fill up quickly. It's best to act fast while order banks are open. Scroll through the models to see which order banks are open and how long before others will re-open.

Have a question?

You can always count on our team of sales professionals to help you through the custom order process and answer any questions you may have.